Probate certainly carries a bad reputation; however, with proper representation it can be relatively painless. Probate is the court proceedings administering the disposition of a decedent’s estate. We assist in both formal and informal probate. Colorado law allows many probates to be administered informally. This is a quicker and generally more cost-efficient administration than formal probate. Probate can be testate (with a Will) or intestate (without a Will). Sometimes there can be a trust involved as well and we can also assist with the trust administration. Our experience enables us to smoothly assist you with the entire process in an efficient and effective manner. Our goal is to ensure you are in compliance with all of your fiduciary duties as the personal representative (executor). 

We can help the personal representative (executor) through the entire probate process, even if it is contested. Sometimes the death of a loved one can bring out some conflicting behavior with beneficiaries and other interested parties. Having a competent attorney to be ready to handle those situations when they occur is key to avoiding a lengthy and costly probate process. 

We also represent beneficiaries and other interested parties who have rights affected by the probate process. 

Altus Law Group has an experienced team dedicated to probate and estate administration. You can rest assured that they will proceed properly and with your best interest in mind.